Tendon Health for Runners…

If have experienced knee pain, been told you have a ‘’tendinitis, or suffered a calf ‘’strain’’ here are a few things you should know.
1) ANATOMY: Tendons are different than muscle. Tendons are the connection between muscle and bone and are designed to act like a spring.
2) TO REST OR NOT TO REST??: If you have been diagnosed with a ‘’tendinitis or tendinopathy” and been told to ‘’rest’’ PLEASE reconsider! While rest can be important with an acute/traumatic injury, tendons DO NOT like it. They respond and adapt to load. Too often people get caught in a vicious cycle of load, pain, unload, repeat. Determining the type and dose of load can be difficult but I assure you a skilled physical therapist can help guide the process and ensure you are successful!
3) STRENGTH: Research consistently shows the best way to keep tendons happy is to maintain overall strength. Sounds easy? Unfortunately, not as easy as it sounds. After all, most people who are diagnosed with ‘’tendinitis’’ typically live an active lifestyle which often includes some sort of resistance training. The key here is ensuring the strength is in the right places and that movement patterns performed are good for YOUR body. While everyone benefits from the big movements (squats, pushes, pulls, carries etc.) they should NOT be coached the same way for everyone. Too often I see therapists and coaches cueing the same way for everyone. This almost always leads to a poor outcome and future injury. Movements should be chosen based on findings unique to that individual.

If you are struggling with a frustrating injury or nagging pain and would like to find a solution unique to your individual needs please contact Rise PT and Performance. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation and create a custom plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

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